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The Winding Path

Kevin Kern

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They say that things happen for a reason, and the fans of Kevin Kern have a massive technical problem to thank for making this CD a very special one indeed. Kevin Kern was due to record with his usual mix of synthesisers added to his piano pieces when the machine responsible for such things "blew up". The end result was Kevin had to feature "real" instruments far more heavily than planned and this is certainly no bad thing. The real violin, the real flute, the real bells, etc. etc. give weight to the album and help to make this a special listening experience.  

Kevin Kern has been one of the most popular artists on the Real Music roster, and it is not difficult to see why. His music is popular around the world, especially in South Korea and other parts of Asia.

The American pianist, who is registered blind, has composed several albums for Real Music but this is by far his strongest outing. "The Touch of Love" opens the CD with a graceful piano melody, supported with flute from Pamela Copus and acoustic guitar from Jeff Linsky- together with gentle drums and electric bass from David Earl and Terry Miller respectively.

The acoustic guitar returns on the lovely second track, "The Way of the Stream", together with harp from Pamela Copus. The third track, "A Million Stars" is a favourite. It is a piano solo, and features a delightful melody. Track Number four, "High Above the Valley" is, perhaps, the highlight of the CD. It begins with the sound of rain, but soon a lovely piano melody kicks in which increases in intensity. Kevin really goes for it on this track! He is supported by Coyote Oldman playing the flute. "Ancient Guardians" has a much slower tempo and is less intense. It soothes to the heart of the soul, combining piano and flute. Guitar and piano make a comeback on the album's sixth track, "Cauldron of Healing". Again, this is a gentle, soporific piece of music.

"Filled With Light" is the album's second piano solo and is a short number basking with beauty. "Through the Veil" is another gorgeous track, featuring acoustic guitar, drums, electric bass and a drumstick (Pamela Gibbs). Even the label's founder, Terence Yallop gets in on the act of the penultimate track, playing a bell tree. Another favourite is the album's closing track, "The Winding Path". Piano and flute combine once again to beautiful effect in what really is a gorgeous composition. It is quite a mournful track, but devastatingly beautiful.

Kevin Kern has excelled himself with this offering. As usual, Real Music have done a fantastic job with the packaging. The accompanying booklet is a delight to read and has a luxurious feel about it. No expense has been spared here! Real Music offer the listener a "Guided Visualization", but the listener who sits down, relaxes and closes their eyes will have an equally rewarding experience.

A fantastic CD- and one that is highly recommended.








The Winding Path

Kevin Kern


Kevin Kern

Kevin Kern





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