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Chad Lawson from the USA (double Piano-Heaven award-winner): (www.chadlawson.com) says:

      "While there are the obvious pianists that have been a GREAT influence on my musical upbringing (Keith Jarrett, Oscar Peterson, Tommy Flanagan, Hank Jones), I would like to highlight a few pianist that inspire me as of late."

      "1. Max Richter - Honestly, if I could reach into his brain and steal every note I would do so without apology. I actually can't listen to his music too frequently due to it's overwhelming influencing on my own writing. While his '24 Postcards in Full Colour' (2008) is magnificent, it's his 'Infra' (2010) that stops my entire world. Just talking about his music inspires me to finish this email and sit at the piano to write. http://www.maxrichtermusic.com/en/index.php"

      "2. Philip Glass - Okay, everyone (mostly) think he's this wacked out extraordinaire that had his 15 minutes when everyone was 'experimenting'. Truth be told, he's a complete genius. If all you've listened to is his 1989 'Solo Piano' album (which you should) then you haven't heard all he's had to say. For instance, one of his later works, 'Tirol Concerto for Piano & Orchestra' from his Concerto Project Vol. IV, (written in 2000). It's like Bach Choral 2012; Yes, I said it! http://www.dunvagen.com/"

       "3. Roberto Fonseca - Cuban Pianist. I'm not entirely sure if he gave up an aspiring body building career, I would not mess with him, this Cuban pianist can be both delicate and a force to be reckoned with. Extremely talented young pianist. Well worth looking into. His entire album 'Live in Marciac'...unreal. www.robertofonseca.com/en/"

        When people tell me, "nobody's writing good music anymore," I respond, "they are; you're just not listening."


Bernward Koch from Germany (Real Music artist and multi-Piano-Heaven Winning Composer: (www.bernwardkoch.de) says:

      "For Solo Piano there are the records of Keith Jarrett- 'Köln Concert' (1975) and, uniquely, 'Bremen/Lausanne'- (1973). His Lausanne concert opened new terrific dimensions for piano stories.
There are many more composer and piano player/pieces that I very much enjoy, from Claude Debussy to Joe Zawinul, and I will never forget a piano solo concert with Dollar Brand / Abdullah Ibrahim at the Jazz Festival 'Balver Höhle', a Stone-Age cave in NRW, Germany, in approximately 1982. An incredible and unforgettable performance, full of emotions, meditations, pain and balm. I hope this gig will be published some day."


Kevin Kern from the USA (Steinway Artist, and Piano-Heaven Winning Composer): (www.kevinkern.com) says:

"For solo-piano, I have three recommendations: from my late friend and mentor, Sir George Shearing, (www.georgeshearing.net). I suggest his piano solo album entitled ‘Out of This World’. The title track says it all."

"For live piano-solo improvisation, I would suggest Keith Jarrett and his album ‘Solo Concerts’ from 1973. (www.keithjarrett.org). His tone is simply outstanding."

"Lastly, I would recommend the music of Korean pianist Yiruma (www.yiruma.com). He has a nice sense of melody. Check out the album ‘Piano Museum’."


Josh Winiberg from Germany (a composer: www.joshwiniberg.co.uk) says:

"Here's one track which is very nice... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLU2xQ4nkk4 from the Final Fantasy IX piano collection."

"Two more beauties from Final Fantasy X this time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLU2xQ4nkk4


"One from final fantasy x-2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdEgGEE3UUY&feature=related"

"To be honest you could probably recommend the Final Fantasy piano collections as a whole...especially ix, x and x-2; they're a beautiful new-age/impressionist crossover, kind of like if Ludovico Einaudi collaborated with Debussy."

"Maybe this one could be suitable for piano heaven sometime though: http://soundcloud.com/josh-winiberg/a-floating-city/"


Joanne Coates from England says:

"The theme tune from the film ‘The Piano’ (‘The Heart Asks Pleasure First’), by Michael Nyman. An absolutely amazing piece of music."  www.michaelnyman.com


Tim Neumark from Columbia, Maryland, USA (Piano-Heaven winning composer: www.timneumark.com) says:

"My favourite albums are Kostia's two CDs, ‘Ten Pebbles’ and ‘Suite St. Petersburg’. Next would come David Lanz's ‘Return to the Heart’." www.davidlanz.com (Kostia has no website that I can find- S.C.)

"Favourite tracks... that one is tough! Here are some favourites, in no particular order: Anything by Kostia, but ‘Girl from Barcelona’ is great. ‘Dream of the Forgotten Child’ by David Lanz. ‘Addie’ by Greg Maroney, ‘Storm’ by Michael Jones, and ‘Grace’ also by Michael Jones. I love ‘Dear Unknown’ by John Tesh."

www.davidlanz.com      www.gregmaroney.com      www.tesh.com

www.pianoscapes.com (website of Michael Jones).      


Denis from Cork City, Ireland says:

"I really love Tim Neumark's album, ‘Biography’. The track ‘City of Courage’ is very beautiful."



Michele McLaughlin from Utah, USA (Piano-Heaven winning composer: www.michelemclaughlin.com) says:

"I have several recommendations: Joe Bongiorno's new CD, ‘Into the Wind’, David Nevue's new album coming out in September entitled, ‘A Delicate Joy’, Stanton Lanier has a new album called ‘A Thousand Years’ that is amazing! Stanton is one of my favourite pianists and his music is utterly beautiful! Louis Landon's album ‘Solo Piano for Love, Peace and Mermaids’ is really good, as is his album ‘Solo Piano for Peace’. ‘Peace Revolution’ is fantastic and so is ‘Unwind’. John Albert Thomas's new album, ‘Now I Sleep’, is a wonderful album with a great cause behind it. Highly recommended! Chad Lawson's ‘Set On a Hill’ is one of my favourite albums, and I highly recommend it. Tim Neumark's ‘Influence’ is really beautiful. His album ‘Biography’ is really good too. Philip Wesley's ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ is hugely popular and really fantastic. Scott D. Davis's album ‘Tahoma’ is superb and ‘Winter's Journey’ is really great as well. These are just a few off the top of my head!"

www.joebongiorno.com      www.davidnevue.com      www.stantonlanier.com     www.louislandon.com

www.johnalbertthomas.com     www.chadlawson.com     www.timneumark.com     www.philipwesley.com

www.inspiringpiano.com  (website of Scott D. Davis).     


Elijah Bossenbroek from the USA (Piano-Heaven winning composer: www.elijahbossenbroek.com) says:

"I have a piano artist I'd like to recommend. His name is Matthew L. Fisher. I really enjoy his song, ‘Home is Ahead, The World Behind’. He has somewhat the same style as mine."

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cueSv6X6fGg    www.matthewfishermusic.com


Alejandro Clavijo from Spain (reviewer of New Age music @ www.reviewsnewage.com), says:

"The best piece of solo piano music is ‘Marching Season’ by Yanni on the album ‘Ultimate Yanni’. This piece mixes great technique with a powerful melody. Really exciting!" www.yanni.com

He goes on to say,

"The best solo piano album is ‘1973’ by Mario López Santos. Today, Mario is the best New Age pianist living in Spain; his albums are played around the world, and his technique and compositions are one of the best, where we see influences of Wim Mertens, George Winston or Keith Jarrett. He has performed with artists such as Suzanne Ciani, Will Ackerman, Lisa Downing, Rebecca Oswald, Julio Mazziotti, Chad Lawson, Rocky Fretz... and many more!"

www.periplos.es (website)    www.facebook.com/pages/Mario-L%C3%B3pez-Santos/67700323973 (Facebook home page)    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9b-Lqzb43k      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EAche9krKk        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gdEhabsYRw    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnxD1fWGl2E


Monica Kern from Kentucky, USA says:

"I've got two recommendations to make at this time. My favourite composer for solo-piano is Ludovico Einaudi. He's very well known in Europe, but not so much in the US. I like to characterise his music as a combination of Phillip Glass and George Winston: his style blends minimalism with strong melodies, and the result is music that stays with you for a long time after listening. It would be difficult to name a favourite piece let alone a favourite album. He has recently released a new ‘Greatest Hits’ album which would be a good place to start for a new fan. If I were forced to choose a favourite piece, ‘Divenire’ and ‘Ancora’ would probably be the top of my list." www.einaudiwebsite.com

"Wim Mertens is a Belgian minimalist composer who combines piano, unique vocals, synthesizer, and other instruments to create a wide range of mesmerizing music. He's surprisingly unknown in the U.S. despite having released a large number of albums. His best known pieces include ‘Struggle For Pleasure’ (which was used in the movie ‘What Dreams May Come’) and ‘Often a Bird’. The closest artist I'd compare him to is Yann Tiersen. My favourite piece of his is called ‘Darpa’ fromStrategie de la Rapture’. It is ten and a half minutes of musical perfection, and even though I've listened to it hundreds of times, I still get goose-bumps at the piano solo that starts at 7:12."  www.wimmertens.be  


Fiona Joy Hawkins from New South Wales, Australia (Piano-Heaven winning composer: (www.fionajoyhawkins.com.au) says:

"I love David Darling's ‘Eight String Religion’. The album is simply stunning. It's a cross between Prokofiev and Robert Miles. A true art album, relaxing and brilliant in its detail... NOT to be turned down! it's everything a winning album should be and more."  www.daviddarling.com  


Robin Spielberg from the USA (Piano-Heaven winning pianist and composer: www.robinspielberg.com), says:

 "My favourite pianist is Robin Meloy Goldsby." www.robinmeloygoldsby.com


Stephen Cairns (Piano-Heaven), from the UK, says:

"Very tricky to select a single track, so I am going to cheat and appear here on a number of occasions! However, I'm going to start with pieces that are probably less familiar to visitors. The first piece I have selected is entitled ‘To the Well’ by W.A. Mathieu (Allaudin Mathieu). It appears on the long out-of-print album ‘Available Light‘, but fortunately also on the compilation album ‘Windows: 25 Years of Windham Hill Piano’. It's an unusual choice for me because it features wordless vocals (Bobby McFerrin) as well as piano, but the addition of these really enhances the finished product. I read it is actually Will Ackerman's (founder of Windham Hill and Grammy-Winner) favourite piano track from the entire catalogue from the label. Have a listen here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMGx6Pk9rHs


"Album-wise, well once again I am spoilt for choice, but to begin with I am going to choose ‘Sunscapes’ by Michael Jones. Just six tracks totalling over an hour, each one a meandering exploration of shimmering beauty. Who needs a book to tell a story, when Michael Jones has got his piano?" www.pianoscapes.com









Which pieces of music and / or albums do you think deserve a mention here because they get the thumbs up from you?

Please get in touch so your recommendations can reach a wider audience.


"There is no integrity greater than the intention of a single note."

Fiona Joy Hawkins