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Pure Piano

Brian King

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‘New World Music’ have long been synonymous with relaxing music, but on this occasion they have excelled themselves.

‘Pure Piano’ is an album of seventeen beautiful piano compositions, totalling over fifty minutes of bliss. I assumed this was a compilation album, but upon closer inspection of the linear notes, Brian King is identified as the talented composer of the entire album.

So, just who is Brian King? Well, the honest answer is I have absolutely no idea. I wrongly assumed it was an Australian pianist who seemed to fit the description, but not so!! The writer and performer of all the pieces is only mentioned on the back of the insert. I would love to know more about this gifted pianist; perhaps he would like to get in touch. I can only assume he is an ‘in-house’ artist who possibly performs on a range of the company's material.

The contents of this CD are sublime and definitely fall into the New Age / Contemporary Instrumental genre.

‘Pure Piano’ opens with ‘Magical Landscapes’- a joyous, melodic piece which gets the CD off to a great start. ‘Synchronicity’ follows and, after a slow start, further develops the feel-good theme. ‘Nocturne’, a short-piece, continues the mood, with some quieter moments.

I love the fourth track, ‘A Memory’- a more melodic, majestic piece you would be hard-pressed to find. You can listen to a sample of this by clicking the play button to the right.

‘Beyond the Clouds’ has a Ludovico Einaudi feel about it in parts, and is as graceful and delicate as the title would suggest. ‘A Place in Time’ is the longest track on the CD at a shade over four minutes, and combines quieter moments with more dramatic parts. ‘Gothic Dream’ is another short piece, and I am very curious about the background of this track's title. On the back cover, the notes state this is a "very personal collection of original compositions [in which] Brian demonstrates a wonderful ability to enable you to share his journey of discovery". Perhaps Brian can enlighten us, but there is no doubt that this is yet another lovely piece. It has an almost lullaby-like opening, before the dynamics increase. ‘River Runs Deep’ reminds me of Silvard's style of music. As I listen, I hear the gentle rain falling, but this is no storm. The water is shimmering, glistening like a thousand jewels.

The album's ninth track, ‘Reflections’ is another appealing, melodic piece, something that continues with ‘Folk Song’. Another favourite is ‘Romanza’, a composition in which Brian demonstrates a particularly beautiful touch on his grand piano. In ‘The Forest’, after a quiet start, is this the time that the animals come out to play? ‘Many Lives’ is a thoughtful meander, while ‘Druid' has a majestic opening, before the piece quickly changes with an increasing tempo. Once again, it slows down and quietens down to a graceful end. Track fifteen, ‘Shades of Blue’ shimmers with beauty, while ‘The Homeland’ impresses in equal measure. I absolutely adore ‘Lullaby’, which perfectly lives up to its name. The melody is simply delightful! The album closes with ‘Ancients’ in which yet again Brian Kelly excels himself.

The striking feature of this CD is its remarkably high level of consistency. There is not a single weak track on the entire CD, with each piece relaxing and entertaining in equal measure. This music is simply too good to have playing away in the background. It deserves the listener's attention as it plays in an utterly inoffensive way. I look forward very much to ‘Pure Piano Volume Two’!

Overall, this is a superb CD with seventeen highly melodic pieces of solo piano. It comes to you very highly recommended.      








Pure Piano

Brian King



Listen to a sample track, ‘A Memory’ by clicking the play button above. Enjoy!


At the time of writing (August 2011), this product is on special offer at just £6.95 from the New World Music website- please click here for more details.