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Bernward Koch, Germany: For me, it is simply the best website featuring piano music in the world.

Diane Kipper, USA: I thoroughly enjoy your site- thank you.

Ralph Zurmühle, Spain: Congratulations on this exquisite website, an enrichment for the world of piano music.


Karen Carnathan, USA: Your site looks great!


Kathy Parsons, USA: Your site looks great!


Michael Jones, Canada: It is wonderful to see how you continue to develop your site celebrating all of us who have a life long and enduring love for the piano.


Denis, Ireland: It's a great site.


Monica, USA: Thanks for the Piano-Heaven website.


David Hicken, Hawaii: I like what you've done with the website.


Fiona Joy Hawkins, Australia: What a wonderful service- thanks.


Maria, Cape Cod, USA: First I loved the site - got to read more than I bargained for - but it was brilliant and I got to learn of more artists. I particularly searched "Flight of the Earls". The version by Phil Coulter with Liam Neeson and your wonderful site (WAW a sight  - very well put together). It's brilliant. Le buiochas, (With thanks) Maria - Cape Cod USA (a Dubliner).


Greg Maroney, USA: You have done a nice job!

Gary Clark, USA: Your site is very attractive and presented beautifully. Well Done!

Robert, USA: I have been enjoying your site and just finished reading the review of "20 Years of Narada Piano".  I just adore the piano and agree that this collection of such talented artists is a must-have. In fact, I discovered Bradley Joseph on that CD and have since gathered a full collection of his works, every one a gem. You are a brilliant author and I look forward to additional reviews in the future. 

Simon, England: I found your comments about Arvo Pärt's 'Alina' appealing and intriguing, and had to get the album. It is as fascinating and beautiful as you describe. Thank you.


Shirley, England: Thanks very much Stephen. Excellent site! Well done- I look forward to spending many happy hours here as your site develops further. Keep up the good work!


Cathy, England: Congratulations, Stephen! The site looks fantastic– it’s simple to navigate and I love the ‘heavenly’ colour scheme. With every review you include so much of your own infectious enthusiasm and combine it with useful background information and plenty of links and samples. My favourite section, however, is the Interview Page. I really enjoyed reading your interview with Karen Marie Garrett and am very much looking forward to reading the next one with Michael Jones. I’m sure many people will find your site a reliable source of beautiful piano music... and I’ve already selected a couple of your 'Heavenly CDs' for my own Christmas wishlist. Thank you for sharing these hidden treasures with us.

Simon, England: Wow, what a great site! I've already picked up loads of tips for future purchases. Looking forward to seeing the site develop and expand. Good Luck, Simon.  

Kirsty, Scotland: Well, first of all, the pigeon is the coolest thing I’ve seen all day. Seriously though, the website is really good. It’s got a good layout, and I’m sure I will find it a great resource when buying new music. Well done!








Did You Know....

1) In total, there are over twelve thousands parts to a typical piano, and of these, approximately ten thousand are moving parts?

2) The piano was invented in 1698 by the Italian Bartolomeo Cristofori?



3) There are more than 35 points of adjustment in each note of a grand piano; that equates to 3080 adjustments for the entire piano?