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Real Music have always been synonymous with high-quality, relaxing New-Age style music, and this CD is certainly no exception.

It brings together a collection of fifteen piano pieces from the label's roster, including an impressive five previously unreleased tracks. High profile names such as Kevin Kern, Danny Wright and Michael Hoppé appear on the CD. Some of the artists are still with the label over a decade later (most noticeably Kevin Kern), whilst others have gone their own separate way. The label seems to have had a slight shift in focus in recent years, with a nod towards "Relaxation Music"- aimed at Spas and other such places.

Happily, the focus on this CD is on beautiful piano music.

The first track is a delightful number by popular pianist Danny Wright. "Time Windows" is a joy to listen to and is a lovely way to open the CD. Wright plays with great delicacy, and it is no wonder that he has enjoyed such success. Twilight's Embrace is another impressive offering from Kevin Kern, whose career seems to be going from strength to strength, especially in Asia! Bernward Koch provides the listener with the pleasant "Wonderful Glider". Koch has gone on to produce a superb album for Real Music, "Walking Through Clouds" (2005) and is well worth checking out. The German pianist has a style all of his own. He makes quite a lot of use of synthesisers, but these enhance their appeal rather than detracting from them. Paul Machlis's "Buchanan Mist" is very beautiful, with a very catchy melody. It brings a Celtic flavour to the CD- and the track is a very lovely piece. Perhaps my favourite cut on the CD, is the fifth track, "Gone". A simple title, but a wonderful track by Jim Chappell. I never tire of this one.

There are also contributions from 2002, Brian BecVar, Peter Kater and Michael Hoppé on the CD. Other highlights of the CD include Kern's "Sundial Dreams", Hoppé's "The Unforgetting Heart" and another Paul Machlis contribution: "Night Blossom".

At over 67 minutes in length, the CD offers wonderful value for money. Also recommended are two further Real Music Compilations (not all piano): Touching Beauty and Infinity, each of which offers several delightful pieces- some piano.

This is an excellent CD and is a great way of introducing the listener to potentially new pianists, from which they can select the most appealing styles and invest in the relevant musicians' CDs.

Very highly recommended!








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