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An American Composer in Concert

Change My Heart Oh God

Live From Montana

American Composer Change My Heart Live from Montana
Tim Janis Michael Gettel Phillip Aaberg





Piano Solos: Ten Narada Artists

All The Seasons Of George Winston: Piano Solos

Piano Solos Michael's Music All the Seasons...
Various Michael Jones George Winston





Blue West Nocturnal Afternoon Grand Piano: Narada Anniversary Collection

Blue West

Nocturnal Afternoon

Grand Piano

Phillip Aaberg Joseph A. Rojo Various


_______________________ _______________________
Suite St. Petersburg A Piano Portrait In My Time 10 Pebbles
Suite St. Petersburg In My Time 10 Pebbles
Kostia Yanni Kostia


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"The piano has been my diary. I have gone to it to document my life experiences - whether deeply personal events or to simply record a memory in the snow, or the light on the land. It is the heartbeat of every piece I have ever written."

Michael Gettel

"The piano is a divinely inspired instrument, a mirror held up to its player's soul that captures the light and shadow of the performer and reflects them back to the listener."

David Lanz