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One Take

Carly Comando

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Until a month ago, I had never heard of Carly Comando, and came upon her music quite by chance. And yet, many will have heard her music but might just not recognise the name; Carly's compositions have been used in numerous Amnesty International campaigns and even in The Simpsons! ‘One Take’ is so called as the album was quite literally recorded as such. It is also the first album on here that, for the moment at least, is only available as a download.


The Brooklyn pianist's music is quite tricky to categorise, with elements of both Classical and New Age. At times, the music reminds me of Ludovico Einaudi.


The album opens, logically enough, with ‘Introduction’, and this is a gentle and short piece which is quite minimalist in form. Next, comes ‘Bear’, and this is a much more upbeat affair- this is one track that reminds me of the Italian maestro mentioned above. It is fun and playful, and beautifully played. ‘Fairy Princess’ is a delicate little number, almost lullaby-like, and very melodic from start to finish. ‘Fall’ beautifully captures the slow transition from Summer into Autumn, and is very graceful in form particularly at the start. There's nothing complex here- relatively simple notes executed with an intimate style. ‘Peaceful’ certainly lives up to its name, with its slow tempo and rests between notes.


I'm very interested in the background behind the track ‘Fairy Princess Goodbye’. This is a mournful piece; the separation must have been a difficult one for the composer. ‘Summer’ is slow and spacious- Earth is slowly awakening from its slumber perhaps. ‘Interrupt’ opens with very low notes, and conveys to the listener that all is not well. In fact, without ever resorting to a quickening tempo, this is quite an angry piece. ‘Vincent’ opens with a series of single notes, and continues with its minimalist form for much of the piece. Timing is everything on pieces such as these, and Carly's is immaculate.


Without doubt, my favourite composition is saved for last and it is certainly the composer's most well-known and recognised piece. ‘Everyday’ rolls along beautifully. It's a happy piece and a lovely way in which to conclude the album.


I do find it both remarkable and very impressive that the entire contents were recorded in one take, with no edits at all. It would seem that Carly is a musician who just lets the music flow out of her. As she says, “I write all of my music off the top of my head but I couldn’t transcribe it if I tried. I am classically trained but I cheated my way through piano lessons because I have perfect pitch and play by ear.”


I know very little about the composer, but I do know that for a relatively small amount of money, I have ended up with a short album which has given me a great deal of enjoyment.


The music on this album comes to you highly recommended.      








One Take

Carly Comando


Carly Comando


Listen to a sample from ‘Everyday’ by pressing the Play button below. Enjoy!