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Lavender Skies

Gary Lamb

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"This unique compilation of some my original compositions is a dream come true for me. I would like to give special thanks to Jeff Payne and everyone at Sonic Images for giving my music the opportunity to be heard by people around the world! To all of my family and fans who have encouraged me throughout the years, attended my concerts and collected my CDs, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is your dream too! Without a listener, the music remains silent. Thanks for listening!!!" Gary Lamb

These are the words Gary uses in the linear notes, but it is us, the listeners, who should be thankful to the composer for writing and releasing this superb CD. This release cherry-picks his finest compositions released on his own independent record label, Golden Gate Records.

Although I enjoy all fifteen tracks on this highly impressive collection, there are four "stand-out" tracks for me. The first of these is "The Love and the Rose" taken from the album Distant Fields. It is a very happy, upbeat piece and suggests a celebration of some sort. In keeping with the other tracks on the CD, it is highly melodic. The piece is quite vivacious and has plenty of energy.

Equally pleasing to the ear is Track 5, "The Angel's Dance", taken from the album Watching the Night Fall. It starts off quite darkly- almost foreboding. However, that quickly changes, and I just love the way this piece develops. There seems to be some sort of electronic sound added to the sweeping notes. Normally, I am not a fan of such gimmicks, but I have to say it works extremely well on this track.

Following straight on, is the sixth track, entitled "Keeping the Promise". This piece originates from the album Language of Love. There's plenty of energy in parts of this track, and it is very beautiful. It's also incredibly relaxing, and is a definite favourite.

"In the Cathedral" is the album's final cut, and is probably my number one choice from the CD. This piece is achingly beautiful. The ethereal piano sounds remote and distant in parts. There is an air of mystery in this composition. It is on one hand haunting, and on the other graceful and majestic. Gary Lamb plays the piano here with such feeling and emotion. It is impossible not to be moved by this piece.

Gary Lamb was born and raised along the coast of Monterey Bay, California. It was clear to all those around him, that a musical prodigy was in their presence. Gary could competently play any instrument presented to him. He was conducting a 100-piece orchestra by the time he was fourteen. It was not long before he set-up his own label, "Golden Gate Records". At this time, Gary was based in Santa Cruz, where he performed regularly over a number of years. Several successful releases followed, and Gary has the distinction of twice charting in the Billboard New Age "top ten".

Now a resident in Nashville, Gary has focused on developing his music for educational purposes. This was in response to receiving lots of positive feedback from practitioners championing the effects of Gary's music when played in the classroom. In 2004, Gary collaborated with Kagan Publishing, a leading educational publisher, in creating the Music for the Mind series. The series features six CDs appropriate for the educational environment and other settings, using music to enhance cognitive functioning.

I really enjoyed listening to this CD, and is one I return to over and over again. Although it is now "Out of Print", some copies still remain, and MP3s can be purchased from the Earthtone Website- www.earthtone.com

An excellent CD. "Lavender Skies" comes to you highly recommended.








Lavender Skies

Gary Lamb



Gary Lamb

Gary Lamb






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