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29th. January, 2012: Salt Lake City pianist and Piano-Heaven award winner Michele McLaughlin has e-mailed to announce the imminent release of her new CD, 'Breathing in the Moment'. The fifteen track album is being premiered at a concert in the composer's home on Saturday 11th. February, where Michele will not only perform the album, but also share the stories behind each track. Check out this artist at www.michelemclaughlin.com


2nd. January, 2012: Highly talented composer and pianist Michael Hoppé reunites with flautist Tim Wheater in an upcoming CD to be published by Global Journey. The CD is entitled 'Dreamer II' and will be released on the 14th. February. More details as they become available. www.michaelhoppe.com


1st. January, 2012: The ever-busy and very talented Fiona Joy Hawkins has another album up her sleeves- this time it is a recording of a concert recently held. The CD is entitled 'Live at the Q' and also features her Blue Dream Ensemble. The CD is available from 16th. February, and judging by Fiona's past CDs, is certainly one to be checking out. www.fionajoyhawkins.com.au


31st. December, 2011: Kevin Kern, the highly popular Real Music artist, has a new collection of his piano favourites coming out in January entitled 'Enchanted Piano'. The eleven-track CD is released on 17th. January. Readers can find out more about this release by visiting the composer's website- www.kevinkern.com


13th. November, 2011: If you enjoy Christmas piano music, be sure to pay a visit to Solo Piano Christmas- a website dedicated to contemporary instrumental solo piano festive music. You'll find established well known Whisperings' pianists there, with classic carols and original festive compositions played in a range of styles. www.solopianochristmas.com


12th. November, 2011: Ralph Zurmühle has been in contact to say he has recently made a lovely You Tube video of 'Hymn' from his wonderful Our Mother CD (Piano-Heaven Award-Winning Album). Readers can take a look by visiting http://youtu.be/rbgYrkDoaTY. In the meantime, don't forget to have a listen to Ralph's latest CD: ‘eQuinox’ (written as it appears on the album cover) containing ten pieces of piano music paying homage to his two years spent with his family in the Arizona desert. More details are available from the composer's new website: www.ralphpiano.com


30th. October, 2011: The festive season is almost upon us, and highly respected US pianist Jeff Bjorck has e-mailed to announce the release of his second piano CD, 'The Wondrous Gift', featuring his interpretations of twelve Christmas favourites. Fellow reviewer Kathy Parsons is clearly impressed, describing the CD as, "a favourite Christmas album for many years to come."- high praise indeed considering she is swamped with festive offerings every year! Check out the music and learn more about Jeff at www.purepiano.com


10th. October, 2011: Popular pianist Doug Hammer has a new double CD album coming out on October 24th.- ‘Travels’, with a whopping thirty nine tracks! I've listened to the first track, and it's a beauty! Melodic and very appealing, I felt like I was on a train journey that I never wanted to end. See the album cover on the Home Page of Piano-Heaven. More details from www.doughammer.com


5th.October, 2011: Gifted US pianist Chad Lawson (whose fantastic album ‘Set on a Hill’ is reviewed at Piano-Heaven) has e-mailed to say a new CD entitled 'The Piano' is complete and awaiting release. Its beautiful cover art-work is a joy to behold. Watch out for release details at Chad's website: www.chadlawson.com See the cover for yourself on the home page of Piano-Heaven.


5th. October, 2011: Whisperings Internet Radio founder and highly respected US pianist David Nevue has just released his twelfth CD and his first of original material for five years. The CD, 'A Delicate Joy' is inspired by his young daughter. Further information can be found at www.davidnevue.com


4th.October, 2011: Talented US pianist Robin Spieleberg (whose album 'American Chanukah' appears on Piano-Heaven) has been in touch with details of her upcoming tour dates and venues, and to announce that three of her best-selling CDs are currently on sale at reduced prices, down from $16 to just $9.99. Further details available from Robin's website: www.robinspielberg.com


27th. September, 2011: It's certainly been worth the wait- Bernward Koch's new CD for Real Music, 'Silent Star' was released today, and it is a beauty! Check out the new Piano-Heaven review of this great recording here, and visit Bernward's website: www.bernwardkoch.com


2nd. September, 2011: Canadian pianist Mark Pinkus has been in touch to announce the release of his CD, ‘Starting to Believe’. The Montreal composer's music has ‘Piano-Heaven’ written all over it, and has drawn wide praise from masters such as David Lanz, who describes Mark's CDs as "truly wonderful", and George Winston who says, "Acoustic grand piano at its best." High praise indeed, and with a new release promised in 2012, this is a musician definitely worth checking out: www.markpinkus.com


1st. September, 2011: US pianist Greg Maroney has contacted Piano-Heaven to say that his latest CD, ‘The Spectrum of Love’ is now available, containing fifteen relaxing tracks of beautiful piano-music. This is Greg's ninth solo-piano CD, and each one has been very well received by the listening public and music critics alike. Respected reviewer Kathy Parsons (Mainly Piano) says of Greg's music: "Greg Maroney captures a full spectrum of emotions and musical colours, and presents them in an accessible form that deepens with each listening." To find out more about this talented pianist, visit www.gregmaroney.com


30th. August, 2011: Australian pianist Fiona Joy Hawkins (whose album ‘Angel Above My Piano’ appears on Piano-Heaven) has e-mailed to say that a major record label (ABC / Universal) has signed up for her upcoming album, ‘Christmas Joy’. Tour dates are currently being confirmed, with the first scheduled performance commencing on the 20th. October at Brisbane Jazz Club. Fiona is touring Australia with pop-singer / songwriter Trysette. The tour is called ‘2Grand, I'm Yours’, with all pieces played on a Grand piano. Visit Fiona's web-site for more confirmed tour dates and further information pertaining to this excellent musician's new Seasonal album (which contains an even split of traditional Christmas music and original compositions). www.fionajoyhawkins.com.au  


28th. August, 2011: The multi-talented David Hicken, originally from England, but now working and residing in Hawaii, has been in touch to say that he is composing music again after recently changing jobs. David (who is extremely modest despite having a number of claims to fame, including having performed regular solo pieces for Britain's Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle, not to mention playing the piano for Cher, giving piano lessons to James "Titanic" Horner, and giving Hollywood stars like Pierce Brosnan personal diving lessons on island paradises) has opened up his own music school in Honolulu: www.davidhickenschoolofmusic.com. He teaches private piano and voice lessons, has classes in music theory, and runs the school choir- along with many other responsibilities. New music is in the pipe-line. Visit David's website: www.davidhicken.com


27th. August, 2011: Real Music have released the first of three piano CDs in quick succession, beginning with Brazilian composer Kenio Fuke's ‘Relaxing Melodies of Nature’. I've been listening to this piano CD, and there are some lovely melodies with unobtrusive nature sounds which complement the music well. Pick of the tracks are ‘Spirit of the Water’ (very much in the style of Phil Coulter's ‘Lake of Shadows’ CD, and a hint of the group ‘2002’ as well towards the end) and ‘Atmosphere’. The CD features Kenio on acoustic piano and keyboards, with light layers of strings, and a touch of guitar and oboe. New piano music from Bernward Koch and Kevin Kern is to follow in the coming months (see below). www.realmusic.com


26th. August, 2011: Ralph Zurmühle, who has two albums that feature on Piano-Heaven, has a new CD and a new website! Ralph has released a lovely CD called ‘eQuinox’ (written as it appears on the album cover) containing ten pieces of piano music paying homage to his two years spent with his family in the Arizona desert. More details can be found on the composer's new web-site: www.ralphpiano.com


23rd. August, 2011: Double Piano-Heaven award winner, Karen Marie Garrett, has been in contact to announce that new work is in progress, and an album will be released during 2012. During August, she recorded the first session of her new project at Skywalker Sound Studios, and returned to Skywalker Ranch where Karen was inspired to write ‘Lake Ewok Muse’ (from ‘Allure of Sanctuary’). She will return there in December to record the second session. Karen is delighted to be working with Leslie Ann Jones as her producer, and explains how grateful she is to be working with her and to have worked with Will Ackerman (producer on her previous two CDs). In Karen's words, "Music- always my dream- has become a reality, and I am loving it!" For more information on Karen and updates on this exciting new project, visit www.kgpiano.com


20th. August, 2011: Composer Rada Neal has been in touch to say that, in addition to her classically-influenced seven CDs currently available, an eighth is in production... ‘Serendipitous Seventh’ and will be released soon. Comparing herself to composer Michel Legrand, Rada's music certainly has a flair that is worth investigating further- visit www.pianopassions.com to hear samples and for additional information.


19th. August, 2011: Visitors who are keen on learning how to tinker with the ivories should check out the web-site of Edward Weiss, who offers high quality online piano lessons for students of all abilities. The sessions come highly recommended from Grammy-nominated pianist David Lanz, who says Edward's lessons are, "easy to grasp and very well thought out." To claim your complimentary lesson entitled ‘Summer Morning’ and helpful free book, ‘Free to be Creative at the Piano’ or just to find out more information, visit www.quiescencemusic.com


18th. August, 2011: Anyone who works in a spa and is looking for music to put their clients at ease, or indeed is just looking for some relaxing piano music for themselves, should check out the latest release from Steven Cravis: ‘Healing Piano’. Nine improvised compositions, all suitable for meditation, provide the ultimate chill-out experience. Definitely worth a visit to www.stevencravis.com 


15th. August, 2011: Gifted pianist John Albert Thomas has e-mailed to let readers know he has released a new solo-piano CD entitled ‘Now I Sleep’- a CD created to help support those who have lost a child. Visit the composer's website for more information, and perhaps check out an earlier CD, ‘The Golden Road’: an excellent album- www.johnalbertthomas.com


15th. August, 2011: Australian composer Fiona Joy Hawkins (whose album ‘Angel Above My Piano’ appears on Piano-Heaven) has e-mailed details pertaining to an upcoming seasonal CD entitled ‘Christmas Joy’, produced by Corin Nelsen and production adviser Will Ackerman. She needs readers' help in getting the project off the ground. More details can be found at www.fionajoyhawkins.com.au


7th. August, 2011: Highly respected pianist Joseph Akins (who features on the superb ‘Whisperings Solo Piano’ CD) has got in touch to tell readers about his current CD- ‘Spirit Touch’- which has been very well received by reviewers and listeners alike, and to inform visitors that a solo-piano album of Christmas music is scheduled to be released during September. Watch this space! Visit Joseph's website to hear samples of all his music- www.josephakins.com


6th. August, 2011: Six-time Grammy nominated composer Peter Kater releases a four-track relaxation CD, entitled, ‘Wind, Rock, Sea and Flame’ featuring piano, cello, soprano saxophone, acoustic bass, warm synch pads, and whale song. Available from August 9th. www.peterkater.com


5th. August, 2011: Very popular Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi releases a new collection of his most popular compositions, together with a previously unreleased track (‘The Earth Prelude’) on the CD ‘Islands- Essential Einaudi’, available in single CD and double-CD format (the latter with thirteen bonus tracks). For more information, visit www.ludovicoeinaudi.com   


4th. August, 2011: Joe Bongiorno (established pianist and owner of the famed Piano-Haven recording studio) has been in touch to say that recording has already started for Whisperings Solo Piano Volume Two and is set for a 2012 release date. Joe also has a new CD out, ‘Into the Wind’ with a September 19th. release date.  www.joebongiorno.com      www.pianohavenstudio.com     www.solopianoradio.com


4th. August, 2011: Canadian pianist Eric Harry announces a new CD is in the pipe-line and will be released soon. You can visit his website by going to www.ericharry.com


3rd. August, 2011: Australian composer Brian King (no relation to the composer of the ‘Pure Piano’ CD) is working on a new Contemporary Piano CD, as yet untitled, and showcases his current two releases at www.brianking.com.au


3rd. August, 2011: Chad Lawson has released a highly relaxing thirty-two minute single entitled ‘Song of Prayer‘ on the 2nd. August. More information at www.chadlawson.com. I'm listening to it now as I type this!


2nd. August, 2011: The prolific composer Wayne Gratz has released his newest work, ‘Four Steps to the Ocean’ initially available only as a digital download, but soon also on CD. In addition to this, Wayne has released a new single, ‘Shifting Twlight’ which can be heard at the composer's web-site: www.waynegratz.com


1st. August, 2011: Bernward Koch is set to release another album for Real Music, entitled ‘Silent Star’ on September 27th. 2011. More details are available from www.realmusic.com or www.bernwardkoch.de


31st. July, 2011: Kevin Kern has been back in the recording studio and is set to release an as yet untitled CD of original compositions in January 2012. Keep checking the artist's website for more details: www.kevinkern.com









"The piano is unique. No other instrument can capture so many emotions as it. It is truly the gold treasure in the musical haul of bounty."




Did You Know....


1) The world's largest piano is called the Challen Concert Grand? It is eleven foot long, has a total string tension of over thirty tons, and weighs over a ton!


2) "Tickling the ivories" is something of a misnomer? Ivory hasn't been used in the manufacture of piano keys since the 1950s. Since then, the keys are made from plastic.

3) There are over fifty brand names of pianos around the world?

4) The term "Grand" as in "Grand Piano" was first used in 1777?


5) In America alone, there are over ten million pianos in homes and businesses?