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Greek legend Yanni is on a similar keel to Vangelis in the United States of America. Yanni moved there many years ago. The Olympic swimmer creates multi-instrumentalist tracks, but his piano-based ones are the most intimate and arguably the most beautiful. This CD features eleven piano tracks, in a 49 minute collection.

It opens with the suggestive "In the Morning Light". The title conjures up soft, gentle images and this piece has a melody to match. It is one of my favourite Yanni compositions and is extremely beautiful. "One Man's Dream" is equally as delicate and charms from beginning to end. Track 3, "Before I Go" has an angelic-like ending which has "Piano-Heaven" written all over it. "Enchantment" is just as enchanting as its title would suggest. "The End of August" is a very popular Yanni piece and is very likeable with its simple melody. Other highlights include "In the Mirror" which features some lovely piano-playing by Yanni and one of my personal favourites, "Only a Memory". This track is extremely beautiful and is such a gentle piece.

Many of these neo-classical works from Yanni's last album for BMG appeared in the Live at the Acropolis Concert the following year, with additional instrumentation from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. In some ways, this took the pieces to a whole new level, but at the same time, there is much to be said for their original incarnation.

Since these golden days, Yanni has targeted the mass market, and his recent efforts have been more pop-based. It is albums such as the one above that his fans hold close to their heart.


This album is extremely accessible. It makes for perfect background music, but deserves closer listening. There is no showy, dramatic piano playing here, just gentle, relaxing pieces which woo you with their natural beauty. Yanni has certainly an ear for melody. This is one of the most inoffensive albums in the market, and one very difficult not to like. Fans of highly melodic, beautiful, relaxing piano music should definitely check out this CD.


Very highly recommended!







In My Time