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Product Details Product Details
Breathing in the Moment The Calm of Einaudi The Piano
Michele McLaughlin Christine Rayner (plays Ludovico Einaudi) Chad Lawson





Product Details
Piano by the Sea Pure Piano Lakota Piano II
Unknown (Global Journey) Brian King Brul





Whisperings Solo Piano One Take Adagio
Various Artists Carly Comando Chris Spheeris & George Skaroulis





Out of the Darkness Tree Spirits Silent Star
Michele McLaughlin Eric Harry Bernward Koch


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"The piano is the quintessential instrument for solo performance."

Joseph Akins


"One man gets nothing but discord out of a piano; another gets harmony. No-one claims the piano is at fault."



"The piano exists apart from the performer. You must coax it to be a partner, and some pianos can be resistant. But there are many ways to touch a piano, and if the player invests the time, effort and the will to love, the response of the instrument is absolutely enormous."