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Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi has enjoyed tremendous success in the UK recently as well as in his homeland. His music found its way onto the popular and influential British radio station Classic FM, and immediately drew a huge response from listeners. In most cases, their first exposure to Ludovico's music will have been arguably his most popular composition- his signature piece, "Le Onde" which translates into "The Waves".


This beautiful piece, inspired by the writing in Virginia Woolf's novel, "The Waves", is the first track to be featured in this 2003 collection. It features 17 tracks, including three previously unreleased pieces. Ludovico set out to explore the ideas behind the waves, time and life. The end result is a highly melodic piece, which successfully captures the rhythm of the waves. The basic melody is constant throughout, but subtly changes at different points, just as one might expect of the waves.

Another lovely piece is Fuori dalla Notte which translates "Out of the Night". This piece combines cello and double bass with piano and the end result is unforgettable. It was written at a time when Ludovico had "Writer's Block" and, after many fruitless hours producing work that failed to meet his own high standard, he finally created something with which he was happy. To him, this was the light at the end of the tunnel- hence the title of the track.

"I Giorni" ("The Days") is a catchy solo-piano track, which is followed by another lovely piece, "La Linea Scura" (The Dark Line"). Once again influenced by the writing of Woolf, Ludovico decided to capture in music the description in words by Woolf of the line on the horizon where the clouds meet the sea.

"Eden Roc" is something of a departure from the norm on the CD, but is nonetheless a catchy piece, which features piano and guitar. The two instruments combine really well later in the track with Marco Decimo on filtered cello.

"Nefeli" is another solo-piano track and is very beautiful. It is dedicated to the daughter of a couple he would regularly visit. Ludovico was inspired by her vivaciousness. Although Nefeli is Greek for Clouds, to Ludovico, it reminds him of sunshine, and this is how he viewed the little girl.

A personal favourite of mine is Due Tramonti- "Two Sunsets". I don't believe there to be any more beautiful combination of instruments than piano and cello, and this piece, I feel, illustrates that wonderful relationship perfectly. It is gorgeous! The story behind the music dates back to a story told to Ludovico by his father. Apparently, when driving with a friend, they saw the most beautiful sunset in the Italian hills. Blown away by the stunning act of nature they had just witnessed, his father put his foot down on the pedal and they hurried up the next hill in order to have the luxury of a second viewing. This was the night they saw Two Sunsets.

"Giorni Dispari" ("Odd Days") is a very popular piece and again features the lovely combination of piano and cello. It is a musical interpretation of one of those haphazard days we all experience from time to time, where nothing quite goes to plan. The unexpected change in rhythmic structure captures in musical form one such day.

These are just a few of the highlights in this extraordinary album, which totals nearly 79 minutes. I highly recommend it.  








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