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Change My Heart...

Michael Gettel

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The title of this CD might infer that it will only appeal to the religious amongst you. Nothing could be further from the truth. The sole criteria for whether or not you like the music on this CD, might simply be whether you enjoy beautiful piano music lovingly played by an excellent pianist.

That pianist is none other than Michael Gettel, on loan from Narada Productions at the time of this 1997 release. Michael brings his own unique touch to these recordings of popular Christian favourites. All fifteen tracks are Michael's takes on established classics in the genre from talented worship composers including Eddie Espinosa, Brian Doerksen, Terry and Randy Butler, Scott Underwood, Jude Del Hierro, Michael Christ (seriously!), John Wimber, Craig Musseau, Kelly Carpenter, John Barnett and Marc Nelson.

Michael's interpretation of these recordings differs significantly from their original vocal form. This change is definitely for the better. Indeed, in some cases, the original is beyond recognition. He seems to tease out the melodies, develop them, and add his trademark signature-style to each piece.

There are many favourites on this CD, but I enjoy every piece- which is quite an achievement! 15 out of 15 tracks rating as definite "Hits" is an unheard of ratio. Track 6, "It's Your Blood," is a beautiful piece with a fairly slow tempo. The melody is lovely. "Faithful One", the ninth track is extremely melodic, right from the opening chords. It's a simple enough piece, but a joy to listen to. This was a strong contender for my favourite track, but just edging out in front is the album's penultimate track, "I Believe in Jesus". This has the sort of melody that you'll be humming for days on end.

The piano playing on this CD is top-notch. Recording quality is slightly below par; something that you'll only notice, however, when listening at high volume.

Overall, "Change My Heart, Oh Lord: Piano" is a delightful CD for piano-music lovers everywhere who appreciate highly melodic music played by one of the masters of the genre. At 63 minutes in length, this CD comes very highly recommended!  








Change My Heart Oh God, Piano

Change My Heart, Oh God- Piano

Various Composers

Performed by

Michael Gettel


Michael Gettel


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